I have read and heard a lot of craze on juicing for quit some time so I thought it’s time to see what all the hype is about! so I set out to get a juicer. Choices, Choices, Choices… For my husband and myself it came down to one brand we trusted in our home The NINJA! yes, we wanted the benefits of all the fiber as well since it’s a very important part of your diet, much more than you may think. We headed out to our local Sam’s Store and purchased one. (if your interested here is the link) http://www.ninjakitchen.com Brought it home, washed all the parts and started juicing, this machine does not disappoint. Three weeks later we are still juicing and even though I am not shedding pounds left and right I feel so much better. I juice breakfast, lunch and eat a dinner, Busy days I juice morning, eat a small lunch and have dinner or just have dinner at lunch and juice during dinner time. It’s very versatile and you can adjust juicing to fit your schedule. I juice for my husband in the mornings and make him one for lunch as well, I pour it up into a empty water bottle and he puts it into his fridge at work. juicing literally takes a matter of less than 5 mins total. that’s getting your fruit and veggies out cleaning, juicing and cleanup all in 5 mins! WOW, who doesn’t have 5 mins to get healthy?! a note when juicing with the ninja it’s not like the other systems which squeeze as little juice out and waste all the fiber, with that being said, you may have to add some water or ice to help with the thickness. Also, play around with some varieties of fruits and veggies till you get what you and your family like. There are some great recipes on pintrest.com Feel free to post your favorite juicing combos and anything you liked about juicing. No haters please. * I am aware of grammatical errors so you do not have to post comments on them* Thank you, blessings, and happy juicing.

* Photo Courtesy of phasinphoto@freedigitalphotos.net


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