Healthy eating doesn’t mean your loosing weight!

To pick back up on the long awaited juicing post from a while back, I did juice for quit some time to be able to talk about it in full. I love juicing! with that said it’s healthy, but no weight loss! I know your probably thinking I did something wrong, but… juicing is fairly simple and we chose a very high quality machine to be able to have all the fiber benefits from fruits and veggies. There’s a catch to the eating healthy and loosing weight thing here. First things first, what works for one doesn’t work for everybody else. so remember that when someone tells you about a diet or your reading well… my blog! but I will have to say I have tried everything on the market short of surgery to loose weight. I have never been overweight prior to switching from vegetarian to eating some meats and having children. The change was my exercising and eating habits, I was eating on the go a lot and of course sleep deprived, and just quit running and exercising, needless to say the pounds packed on. after much research and trying everything I sat out for a new venture. I decided in December of 2014 to go on weight watchers, now I am not saying it’s not a good plan, it is a great plan but didn’t work for me. WW has a lot of great things online that I really love, the accountability is by far the best next to having a friend or husband work with you. I stayed on WW for 3 months, stuck to the plan perfectly, thought I was going to have a hard time at first considering I was reading a lot of people talk about how they were struggling etc.. I was not hungry but found that most of my meals didn’t stick with me long. (meaning I didn’t feel like I was full with energy but full like miserable at times). So… I decided it was time for a visit with my doctor to see what was going on, with detailed eating plan in hand and a dietician in the room as well, I looked like I was eating everything a person should except my carb intake was off the charts! many people never realize that fruit has lots of carbs. My body doesn’t work well on lots of carbs, I feel fatigue, sleep deprived, and moody! yes, I admit I couldn’t stand myself some days. LOL!!! With some simple educating from my doctor It finally clicked, fat doesn’t make you fat… Carbs make you fat!!!  Now… I will say since my metabolism was nothing I needed a push, so I went on a weight loss medicine and continued my ww for the first 4 weeks to see if the ww along with the pill would start to work, when I went for my first weigh in my loss was 6lbs, ok.. I know your probably like WOW! but, I was in tears! I had worked hard those few weeks to at least have 8-10lb loss. My next plan of action was to go totally low carb high fat and see what it would do, what could it hurt right?. The next four weeks I didn’t up my workout, I actually decreased it, went to intaking 20-25 carbs a day, and at the four week weight in I had lost (drum roll please) 11lbs! yes, 11 pounds. That’s almost double what I lost the month prior with more carbs and more workouts. I have continued to loose and have a total weight loss of 31 pounds so far. I put my husband on the LCHF diet and he lost 13 pounds his first month, my youngest teen son lost 4.8 pound in a week. I know that’s a lot to read to get to the main point of “eating healthy doesn’t always mean your going to loose weight”, you have to know if your body can handle having more carbs. * we are obviously a family that can’t handle carbs* 🙂 Do I still Juice? YES! just not as often, juicing is a great on the go drink/meal, you get great fiber and if you need a good cleanse it is the way to go. Keep eating healthy, exercising and juice, the payoff is well worth it.


* All information on this website is to be used for educational purposes and not medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult with your doctor before going on any weight loss plans or diets.


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