I am back!!!

Hello, I am back from a long journey! (laughing)…not really but it seems like I have been so busy that once I started to blog I didn’t have time for it anymore. So I am back to do what I set out before. To help encourage others in the form of being a good wife, mother, daughter, and girlfriend. (who knows some guys may like the site too) 🙂 also, to encourage myself, to look back at all the progress over time. This site will contain tips and recipes on being healthy, DIY projects you can do as well as what I have done. organizing tips, budgeting and money tips from children to adults, and we can not forget the all important homeschooling blogs too! Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do and you have a lot of reading to do, so I need to get busy, please be patient with me as I am new at all this and will take some time to find my groove place!

Blessings to you all, keep following



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