“Shabby to Chic find on a dime”

I am always looking for that piece of furniture to repurpose on the cheap. when I say Cheap I mean CHEAP! there are a few things I am all about splurging for, side tables or porch tables are not in that category. I stumbled across this little gem on one of those trendy “yardsale pages” was browsing not looking for anything in particular and the price $20. Yes, Oh Yes, I snatched it up! Since pictures can sometimes be very different from the actual product, I was really hoping the description was accurate, in my mind I was thinking I would get to the meeting point and the table would be junk beyond repair or particle board material. Much to my surprise it was real wood, only surface dings and such (A sander is a girls best friend on these projects). I brought my find home with all intentions of sanding and painting it within the coming week, well…a year later I finally got around to it. I decided it was just going to serve as a table on the front porch where my husband and I sit and have our coffee so bright and cheery it needed to be. To the local W-mart store for some spray paint, and what color stands out to me? “Seaside” by Rustoleum, I purchased it in gloss, I also purchased a clear spray for the finishing coat as well since it would have drinks on it and be exposed to temp changes too. However; it is moved in during the winter months. I decided to go a little shabby chic and rough up the edges of the table and legs. The only pieces of hardware were the drawer pulls which I had all intentions of replacing. However; after a good scrubbing, I sprayed them with some dark walnut spray paint I had on hand and they looked brand new, overall the project took 2days and roughly $11.00 in spray paint ( I needed a second can of seaside, but could have got by with one if I had left underside unpainted). If your looking for a quick and frugal way to decorate a space start scouring your local yard sale pages, and thrift shops, you never know what hidden gems you may find.

Blessings to you,


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