“Home Improvements in the air”

I don’t know about you guys but there comes a few months out of every year when I get an itch to redo everything! that’s the time when my husband usually hangs his head, laughs, and says with a smile ” What ever you want to do is fine”  🙂 The words every woman loves to hear! (he doesn’t say much cause he knows his lists of honey can you build me this or do that is coming). Since moving into our new home in 2012, I had not done very many home improvements except paint the kitchen and my youngest sons room (mint green was not the liking of a 12 year old or his mom at that time) So the time has come!!! I have a head full of ideas and equipped with three handsome men for the muscle work. I decided after looking at my unused back porch it was time for a change. I sat out looking all over the web for things I could do. I pinned lots to say the least, when it really came down to it my key factors were time, money, and well…TIME! cause being frugal we all know that time is money 😉 My decision… STRIPES seemed to make a big impact but something I could work with in any décor for the porch, and easy enough right?. well, it was much more time consuming than expected but, the results were worth it. I did start by pressure washing the porch a couple days ahead of time to allow it to dry completely, I tried to time my days of painting when the heat wasn’t to much and preferably a slight breeze helped. After weeks of pondering over paint chips, I decided I did not want to paint the porch the same color as the house so I branched out. We chose Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray for the darker stripes (my chip was the HGTV Home) HGSW3485 or SW7045 these are the same color, and SW Wintersweet Grey (HGSW3487) for the light stripes. Different numbers depending on if your purchasing thru SW store or your local home improvement store that carries SW paint. I did purchase my paint in Oil Based as I wanted the wear and tear to withstand my 5 dogs, yes, 5! two of which are large. Also, being outdoors exposed to the various elements it needs to be strong. I did not use a primer as I didn’t see a need, also; the sealer is added to the paint so no sealing was required. I liked the look of gloss on a porch so I went with it. why not be daring when you can right?! Still have railings and screen to add but I have to say it’s coming along pretty good.

Have a blessed day and happy painting ❤


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Feature Image courtesy of Tuomas_Lehtinen at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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