Is homeschooling right for your family?

The all time question of questions I have been asked over and over again is “how did you know homeschooling was right for your family”? or “do you think I should home school my children too?”. I can only answer one of those and you can guess which one that is. Yep! the first one. In my family’s situation it was a personal tug at heartstrings so to speak or in better terms conviction from the Lord that I should be in the driver’s seat when it comes to the educating of my children he so richly blessed us with. I firmly believe that God sets nothing before you that he hasn’t already equipped you with the ability to do. God opens doors for various reasons too. He sees the road ahead of us and all we have to do is follow where he leads. I will say, that even though I had a longing to home school, knowing where to start was overwhelming and scary to say the least. After meeting several homeschooling families thru church, the nervousness left and the excitement came. and the rest is as we say History ūüôā I say this to encourage other families feeling the need to home school, If you feel its your calling then go for it God has you and will give you what you need for the tasks at hand. Homeschooling is not easy, but rewarding. Many people think homeschoolers sit around in pj’s all day and play computer games. While some may, and kudos to you that can and feel complete doing that, but others like myself strategically plan months ahead of time for the upcoming year, gathering curriculums, making schedules, etc… see, I feel like If God has equipped me with a great responsibility then who am I to not follow thru. If you’re preparing your children for college then planning needs to be something to get use to early on in homeschooling (more on that in my post titled “homeschooling and college” later this week). Do I feel homeschooling is right for every family? NO!, (are you shocked yet?) my reason behind that is : not every family is structured, organized and able. I am not saying you must have it all together to hs, but, I am saying that if you’re not willing to have discipline in areas when you need it then you may want to think again. In the younger years its very flexible, you can plan lots of field trips,¬†school days can be¬†shorter, every experience can become a learning day (dr visits, dentist,¬†grocery stores etc..) as they become older and¬†subjects get harder, the structure has to tighten some. Science class no longer takes 30 mins with an hour of play time catching bugs, it becomes an hour and half of study, research and dissection or in chemistry at least that much time learning the lesson, watching a video or¬†doing¬†experiments and keeping your notebook up.¬†Sometimes parents start homeschooling with the example set before the children that it’s all fun and games and it can be, but when the harder stuff hits are they prepared?. I have always¬†included my children when choosing curriculums, planning trips, and schedules, however; at the end of the day I am the parent not the friend, the final decision¬†lands in my lap to make sure they¬†are balanced and ready for the world ahead.¬†If you work a full-time job, never home, and only want to home school your child¬†to keep you from going to the school every week because they are in trouble, Don’t bother! I am not being harsh, I am being truthful. Little¬†Tommy, wants you and needs you. It’s ok as they are older to work part-time or even full-time, you will have to be the¬†judge of your schedule and what your child needs, but,¬†make time to be with your child, young or old they need our guidance and love; even if they don’t admit it they need our discipline too.¬†Homeschooling is¬†advertised so to speak as cheap education, free, etc… it may be affordable on the pocket side of things, even free on that part. however;¬†the time you¬†invest is priceless, and¬†there is¬†nothing cheap about giving of yourself daily to those you love!

Happy Homeschooling,


Proverbs 31:28

Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.


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