DIY Paint Sample Binder

Ever found yourself walking through the paint aisle and picking up several paper samples of various colors you like? You probably even have a particular color field your drawn to each time as well. My husband says I am a paint sample hoarder! I have one drawer in my desk that I keep all my samples, booklets, fan decks etc… In my itch to clean and re-paint rooms, porches, furniture and so forth, I found myself looking through my drawer full of samples, only to realize I could take the time to organize this as well. Being the frugal home school mom I am 😉 I had several used, but good three-ring binders, why not repurpose them into something useful right?! My total project cost was only $3.00 and less than an hour of time.

  1. Purchase clear photo album refill pages or if you’re a scrap booker you may have other materials you can use.
  2. Arrange your samples by color, rooms, or color palettes of your choice.
  3. Arrange and cut to size, use tape if necessary to hold in place, just leave one side un-taped in case you need to pull the sample to take with you to the store.
  4. Enjoy knowing you no longer have to search through loose samples for colors! 😀

Happy Organizing!


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