Choosing a Pet

   It’s that time of year when several businesses and organizations have fundraisers, sales and your local shelters, rescues and other agencies have pet adoptions going on. I recently ran into a family in the local pet supplies store and the mom struck up a conversation with me, asking what kind of dog I had? (as if I had just one! I can only laugh out loud at this point) I smiled, proceeded to tell her we have five dogs and one cat. The look on her face was awful! she was in disbelief that we had 5 dogs. I returned the question, and she replied “We have just adopted one dog and he will be ready to pick up in a couple of weeks”. The more she talked the more convinced I was that; as loving of a family as they seemed, she would not be keeping a pet very long. She asked lots of questions that most animal owners would have known or known something about, I asked if it was their first dog and she replied it was a first animal period, she didn’t have pets growing up and didn’t want them, she didn’t like messes, being hyper, or noise. (There will be no play dates at my house since we have all of those) That brings me to this post topic “Choosing a pet”. There are many choices when you are taking on a pet, remember your taking on the responsibility to raise another life! they should not be lawn ornaments for you, or just cute puppies and then tossed when the new puppy breath starts to fade. Also, there will be vet visits, and bills as with children you never know when an accident may happen or they may get sick. Please think about what your lifestyle is like, and what best suits your wants/needs before taking in an animal and having the possibility of returning or re-homing them, as it can be stressful on the animal.

  • Choose your organization wisely, shelters, rescues, buying from a breeder. All are great options.
  • Know what animal you’re looking for dog, cat, etc..
  • Research the animal breed from reputable sites 
  • Understand the care and maintenance that goes along with your pet.
  • Know that if your choosing a puppy, they are very much like raising a baby all over again, they eat, sleep, poop and pee.

      We have quit a mix in our family, Some are purebred and some are mixed breeds, together they make up our zoo. 🙂

Each personality is different, and just like us, it makes them who they are. If you take some time up front to research the pet that will work for you and your family or for your lifestyle, you will both be very happy.

Until next time, Enjoy a slide show of my little zoo!


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