Curriculum Time!

It’s that time of year again, I seem to always get a little more excited than my children do, and who can resist the smell of opening a new book or the excitement of new content right? (insert giggling) School is out for many home school families in May, and we barely get through June without thinking of the what we are going to be teaching, or what curriculum we will be choosing for the upcoming school year. Some families use a specific curriculum or company each year, and that can take some of the  stress off of choosing each individual class or subject. If your like my family however; we have to switch a few items up every year. With each child having different learning styles, I have to tailor curriculum at times. I have also found that using one curriculum for a couple of years works great for my youngest son, but then he needs a switch. Some Indicators of your child needing a change in one area or the other could be:

  • They becomes very bored with a curriculum that doesn’t change drastically from year to year (ex: below)

We found in the elementary years that science and history seemed to be the same things with a little more info added, This is very frustrating to some students and families who are looking for more and more material. In middle and high school years, you will not have this problem as much, which was very relieving to us.

  • If your child goes from loving school to dreading it.

Look over everything that you have going on. what changes did you make if any? what learning style does your child exhibit?, Some children young or older are sensitive to change, some are schedule oriented, and some don’t like the idea of a schedule but may work well if they had guidelines, Also, If massive change is not an issue, taking advantage of your beautiful days, doing school on the porch or deck, packing a picnic and going to the park and have a class then play time, even older kids can enjoy a change of scenery. If your dear daughter or son is a hands on learner, you will need to have more engaging activities for them to learn the concepts of each subject instead of 100% textbook teaching. however; if they are more auditory then your options are open as far as you teaching directly to them or getting subjects with teacher dvd/cd/mp3. there are many online classes that you can pull videos to as well. (I will list some references at the bottom).

As I was preparing this year, I decided that I wanted to go another route, We have had a lot of changes in our home this year, and the most wonderful thing about homeschooling is we can be flexible and change with our lives! (woo-hoo, happy dance here). So… with that said, I set out on a search for curriculum for the coming school session, I have decided to change-up everything, and every subject this year. YES, I am revamping my whole house, since I have only my youngest son at home for a few more years I want to have room in our schedule to do and see as much as possible. Here are a few links to what I have found and will be applying in our studies this year. *please note these are a few things we use or have enjoyed and that from some sites I read thru and choose what best suits our needs. Many are budget friendly 😉

Easy Peasy

Teaching Textbooks-Math

CDB-Saxon Math/other home school curriculum *with a small membership fee you can receive lowest prices all year*

online subjects-interactive-small monthly fee-all grades-supplemental and travel friendly

all grades-affordable-travel friendly-books and online

Science-all grades-works with auditorial learners

online-live teachers-schedule oriented-camps-mission trips-family trips *this is pricy but very well worth every penny!

I hope your excited about your upcoming school year!

” I can do all things through Christ who gives me Strength”- Philippians 4:13


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