Low Carb High Fat=RESULTS!!!

As you can tell by my title I am super excited!!! I just hit my 41 lbs. down mark! (woo-hoo, happy dance inserted). I struggled for many years with all kinds of diets. I know that is the story of many others as well, I am here to say I worked my tail off, exercising, eating right, doing everything  possible. Only to once again be so disgusted with no results. My last attempt at WW, in Dec 2014, was an all or nothing deal. I had been traveling and was finally in my hotel room to get settled and freshen up before going shopping with some friends, that night after a very disappointing shopping trip of finding all kinds of cute clothes, but nothing that looked good on me or made me feel good, I said enough! I had just recently visited a friend who had lost a great deal of weight on the same program and I always wanted to be the “Transformation Tuesday” or to just have that before and after of what I had accomplished. So sitting in the hotel, watching tv, scrolling through the web, I decided to sign up for the online program, I could do the trackers, get recipes, have tools to help with eating and accountability, and not have to go weigh in front of others. I was super excited. I dedicated my all from December thru mid-march and all my efforts resulted in only a 1 pound loss. As you can imagine, I was once again at the brink of tears. So to the Dr. I went, with a little help in boosting my metabolism and a strict LCHF diet, I can say without a doubt it works!! As with anything it takes getting use to. One key is to always keep educating yourself, a habit only takes 21 days to create. Today, eating is what I do to sustain life, and the cravings are no more. I am half way where I want to be, learning to set smaller goals and meet them has been easier to achieve than looking at the big picture for me. So… For my very first blog transformation pic, here goes. 🙂 *will update another pic soon.

I would love to hear your stories and struggles, we are here to uplift, and encourage one another. We are all overcomers!

Blessings to you and keep eating healthy LCHF,



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