Buying New, Used, or Renting College Textbooks

     The exciting but ever dreadful task of textbooks! Not just home school textbooks, but College… you know the ones that cost hundreds of dollars each and your lucky if you ever hear the teacher say “now open your textbook to page…” yes, those are the ones I am fretting over today. Ok, fret may not be the word to describe this, I should be happy right? I guess In one sense I am super happy my first-born is off to a new journey in his life, on the other hand, the more web pages I shop the more I want to cry.

   Each book to purchase is like paying a car payment or electric bill, which leads me to the topic at hand do I buy new, use, or rent? I would totally erase new off this list except… Several books used are only a few dollars cheaper than those new. I use to feel that books held their value and they do for the book stores but not the individual selling them at the time. I find myself more and more with homeschooling going to online and fewer textbooks just to save myself the trouble of having to resell, so I am thinking that renting would be the money saver now, as well as the hassle to resale in the end. I would love to hear your experience with purchasing textbooks, new, used or renting. and for those looking I have listed a few sites I refer to when looking for books.

Happy Book Shopping!

***Education Study School College Books Textbooks Royalty Free Stock image courtesy of



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