Savings and coupons

I use to coupon all the time and loved it, when I say I loved it, I had set days that I would get together with friends and clip, shop, save and practically have a party with all the free items we had stocked up on. well…not really a party, but you get the picture. I was ecstatic non the less, and my pantry was filled to the brim, cabinets full of all the toiletries and supplies a family of four could use for years and still enough to give away to church pantries, others in need and even make gift baskets at birthdays, Christmas and other occasions.

After moving to another state I found it very difficult to start back over again. The price of groceries were much more expensive (which would be the kick in the tail to start couponing again right?) however; all the stores were different, only one was familiar and their couponing system wasn’t the friendliest if you know what I mean (all you coupon queens and kings know what I am talking about). The time had come to give it another try, after going into one of my local brand drug stores and was asked if I had a new “rewards card” I said no, but the cashier sounded so excited to tell me how I could save money so of course that caught my attention. Brought it home, signed up online, downloaded coupons right to the card and before I knew it I was shopping and saving $$ the same day. Easy as 1,2,3! The great thing is I am saving money or earning points on products I already purchase as well as places I already shop. Also, I was able to link the other stores I shop at to earn even more.

Being a little rusty at the whole thing, I shopped the circular, made my list, downloaded coupons, printed coupons and was on my way, I decided to try one store for my first trip back in the swing of things. My goal is to save as much as possible and get items for free, a shopping trip with a minimum savings of 50% is considered a success to me, however; any savings is better than none at all. (do I hear an AMEN!). Today was a success, most of the items were stocking up for the teen boys, not all healthy for sure, don’t judge me here. LOL. Here’s a list of items from my trip. After all sales, coupons and plenti points from local drug store, I paid $40 and change for the items. I would like to call this trip a success and a great start to more savings!

Beauty Supplies/Tolitries

VO5 Shampoo-2

Old Spice deodorant

Scott paper towels

Scott Toliet paper

Grocery Items

2-Cheerios Cereal

2- Lucy Charms Cereal

1- Reese’s Puff Cereal

1-Trix Cereal

2- boxes Nature Valley Granola bars

2- bags Chex mix

2- Pringle’s

2- International Delight coffee creamers

2- Nestle Pure Life water 32 bottles each pack(64 bottles water total)

Happy Savings,



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