What a difference paint makes part 1

Everyone who loves design knows that accessorizing can be costly depending upon style or specific taste,your location, etc… The most cost friendly way to add a huge impact is to use what you have, and add in a can of paint! Paint will make a huge impact for little to no cost, I only say no cost when you have a friend who may be a paint hoarder 😉 or you have several colors in the same sheen that you can mix and create yourself a one of a kind custom color. Yes, I know some frown on that ,but, I have made custom colors that have turned out beautiful. Recently, I decided to re-paint a desk that was given to me several years ago, and thought how beautiful it would be with a new custom wood top that I could stain a dark color. So having the handy-dandy husband that I do, I batted my eyes a few times, stuck out my bottom lip, and said with a smile,” pretty please”. (you guys really didn’t buy that did you? LOL) I am just kidding, I do have a wonderful handy-dandy husband who loves doing these things for me and I am so thankful to him for that.

We had plenty of left over flooring and I had started making plans for things he could build me, and this desk top was on the list. He went above and beyond with a small inlay of a cross, which adds a little bit of our family to a piece that did not originally belong to our family. I sat out to add a pop of color to the desk, as in years past it was a beautiful cream color with black knobs. which I loved and would have again (I really do love classic, clean colors). However; I needed a change, I had went to the local box store and scrolled colors and grabbed a pretty orange, had them mix it only to get it home and it be completely different from what I wanted. *Rule of thumb with painting, never grab a swatch in store and purchase it that moment, take it home to see what it looks like against the piece of furniture or on your walls and in your own lighting* I knew before I bought it not to break that rule and I did it anyways, thinking I would be ever so lucky to love that color the first time around! I decided to go to the pros this time around, off to the local SW paint store I went to look at all these colors I had been scrolling through online. There’s something about walking into a paint store that makes me smile. I had my list in hand, the sweet lady started helping me pull colors for a couple of projects, one being the desk. I knew what I envisioned in the room, and when I seen the color in person I knew that was it. The great thing about paint mistakes, you can always start over. Nothing is ever really a mistake it’s just a lesson learned.

That being said, I had the paint mixed only to get home and love it but not for my desk, so… three colors later and it is back to a creamy color. The color is actually mixed by yours truly! LOL. It is roughly a quart of white paint to a cup of the wall color which is Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay. loved the creaminess to it along with a hint of color in the right light. The desk top started out a different color stain and it wasn’t dark enough for me so I actually rubbed on black paint as if it were stain and wiped it back off, gave me the color i was looking for along with the grain showing thru as well. (I know they sale black stain) but… being frugal, I wanted to use what I had on hand. The end results happy wife, happy husband! 🙂

Stay tuned… next project bench in foyer and coat rack.

Blessings, and happy DIYing,

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