What a difference paint makes Part 2

As you have guess by now painting is something I obviously love to do, and you are correct! It’s a strange thing to love to do and be in your happy place so to speak, but… there is just something about painting a room and watching it bring on a whole new life with such a simple can of paint and some manual labor that makes me smile. Also, when you can transform a room for yourself or family for under $50 who can go wrong with that.

        I will say, once again I struggled with colors. I have lots and I mean lots of wood in my house. Doors and door frames, windows and frames, floors, etc… since I have not convinced my husband to let me paint all the trim white; I had to find a color that complimented all the wood. I still have some work to do to make him see that painting wood makes some things better. 🙂

        Color is something I love having in a home,  I just have such a hard time choosing. I am almost like a kid in a candy store when I see colors. One of my biggest problems is, I want all the colors but have to be mindful of where I am and what goes on in my home. White and very light is lovely, but not when you live off a dirt road in the country with boys in and out of the house all day (which makes for good trim, not throw pillows and sofas), and lets not forget my four-legged babies that I contend with on the shedding! LOL.  

         My husband wanted lighter and I did too, which was great cause that was an agreement on decorating and I felt confident I could pull that off without a hitch. WRONG!! I started out with a color that I love and see one of my favorite decorators use often, called silver strand. It looked great in the paint store, as well as a painted section in the laundry room. but; when I put it on the foyer walls, WHITE  was all i seen; Now, don’t get me wrong light was what i was going for, but, white was not. I tried making it darker and nothing kept giving me the pop or wow factor I envisioned. so three colors and several hours of painting later; Sherwin Williams SW6206 called Oyster Bay won me over and my husband even said he loved the color too! gasp…

Let me know what you think.

The color in the photos does not do the real life color justice. This color is very versatile and can be used all over the home and looks just as good in your bathroom as it would in your family room. * I still have a new light fixture to hang and a few other things to do. 

Happy Painting!



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