Through out the years I have always told my children “Change is inevitable” they would of course look at me a little perplexed when they were younger and I would explain in detail that change is what we are made to do, we have been changing since birth and will continue to change in some shape or form. Change is a good thing, for without change there can be no growth and without growth there can be no change. I have to remember my own words quit often myself when I get content in an area or think I don’t want change, looking back over life and seeing every change God brought me thru was something more amazing and more beautiful on the other side.

As years have passed and my children are almost grown they are seeing more and more the need for change, the reason for change and in most cases change will happen even when you don’t want it to. We live in a day and age that so many things are happening so fast and we have to be aware, on our toes so to speak. We don’t have to always like it or agree but we have to keep on keeping on. God did not put us here to just get stagnant and never go thru season of change, I always try to think of season in our lives just as the season of the weather, everyone has a favorite time of year and mine just so happens to be fall,  or autumn as we like to call it too. The temperatures are just perfect, the smell in the air, the wind rustling the leaves, colors after beautiful colors, and who could forget pumpkins, apple cider and just the smell of anything apple! 🙂

Just as each season comes and stays a while the next one moves in, we are usually happy to see winter come in and even happier to see it leave. Life changes are the same way, if we stayed in a place of the same thing all the time we become irritable and complacent without even realizing it, God has made us for more, to see more, do more and to further his kingdom. I say this to be a reminder that all things belong to our God, and we must strive to better ourselves so we can bring the best to the table for others. As each season comes in and goes out, lets strive to ask ourselves what can I do to make a difference or make a change in someone’s life, the community, or the church. Make each season a refreshing, and renewing time for you and your family to set forth and do what God will have for you to do.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

I hope you embrace each season with renewing of Gods love.



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