Every home needs a coat rack!

In my home finding enough space is always a challenge, your probably shaking your head in agreement right now as well. Space is something I think every family can use more of. My entry way has a coat closet that is used for every thing but well… Coats! who takes the time to open the closet, pull out a hanger and hang a coat up right? not my boys for sure. 🙂 I sat out to do a small project while hubby was away and remembered some hooks I had purchased about a year back on a trip to see a friend. With my wheels turning; I decided I could do this small project without the help of a man! (smiling and feeling all happy to be able to say that). My husband is my best friend and right hand person in everything, including all my DIY adventures. A simple piece of hardwood flooring, some paint and screws and I was a happy gal. Think it turned out kind of cute as well, the best part was all the items I had on hand. Now to see if those boys will actually use it.


left over paint from previous desk project, mixed SW peppery, and Valspar’s Caramel Cream ( which sounds nothing like the color, it’s actually orange), Valspar’s black paint.

Chip brush

Piece of Hardwood flooring, trimmed to size and sanded the tongue side down some.

Small screws, screwdriver, drill bit to drill where the screws were going in the wood, tape measure and stud finder.

  • Once you have sanded the wood, paint with black first and let dry, then mix your color to liking and paint again.
  • After paint is dry, sand to let some of the black show thru to give a rustic look.
  • Hang and enjoy!
I hope you enjoy my small room ideas as I continue to decorate and design for my family.



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