Eating Healthy for the Holidays

The smell of fresh baked cookies, pumpkin rolls, or really just anything pumpkin or gingerbread this time of year makes me drool! I catch myself saying the famous words ” I can cheat it’s the holidays” well, that word really spells disaster in any form it’s used, am I right? (laughing but seriously, you know what I mean). over the last few weeks I have cheated and that lead to more cheating, and before I knew it 5lbs later I had really got myself into a slump of feeling it too. It was good while it lasted! lol.

Which leads me to “Eating Healthy for the Holidays”. We can, with a little discipline and maybe a push from your accountability source, you (by that I mean WE) can do this! YES WE CAN! (are you singing bob the builder yet?) looking thru the traditional recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I decided since it was just the four of us, I would scale things back and make as much low carb foods as possible, so if we over eat it will be on things that are better for us than mash potatoes and gravy, and loads of stuffing!. I certainly do not plan on skimping out on taste at all, and the menu will be full of good food and to keep from munching on sweets, I will have appetizers that are healthier and games to keep us interacted after the meal. a lower carb, healthier meal plan will look a little something like this for Turkey Day:

Family Of Four Menu:

Appetizers and snacks: Bacon wrapped water chestnuts, sausage balls, small pickles, olives, and spiced dilly beans (this is the store I purchased them at, they may deliver). here is the direct link to the product

Main Dish : Turkey of Course! (some people don’t like turkey but smoke one and you will be in heaven 🙂 and a small ham cause I am planning for leftovers in the days to come so cook once and eat several times. save time and money. 😉 I have a menu for that as well to come.

Sides :  Let these babies steal the show! I am telling you, cook up some amazing sides and the main dish almost gets overlooked. on the table this holiday is my sautéed Brussel Sprouts in olive oil with a pat of butter, salt and pepper, and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese at the end., Green bean casserole (cause my son loves it) I will be omitting the carb loaded items, and sticking to adding some mushrooms, cheese, and cream, (I will make a mushroom soup from scratch). Sweet potatoes are always on the menu, so for the love of my life, I have to make a sweet pot. casserole, which I make a huge batch and uses only a cup of sugar for the whole thing, I use organic cane sugar for this recipe, and the topping is a crumble mixture that I try to keep healthier with pecans and oats. (no marshmallows for this topping, as my husband does not like them and that’s not a bad thing), Deviled Eggs, Cranberry relish, and Chicken Dressing (I cheat a little with this recipe and it’s not low carb, however; I have to remember not everyone eating this meal eats low carb all the time either) my guys love dressing, so I use a bag mix, add seasonings and shredded chicken, and fresh stock, a couple eggs, and bake. simple and yes, it’s really good.

**My sweet pot. casserole doubles as dessert, so no need to add sweets to this menu, you can top with some egg nog ice cream if your feeling a little naughty !**

I believe that wraps up my Thanksgiving menu, hope you try some of these wonderful items, and share some of your favorite recipes as well.

Have a blessed Turkey Day and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

❤ Healthyfrugalhousewife


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