What is Christmas?

We all get to see the signs and here the saying “Jesus is the reason for the season”, how many times do we really stop to reflect on that saying? or “Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year” I happen to agree with both of those sayings! however; what is Christmas? To some it’s stringing lights, putting up the tree, making Christmas cookies, singing your all time favorite Christmas songs, making gingerbread houses, and last but not least wrapping and unwrapping those wonderful gifts. I guess my question is would you still have Christmas without all those things? Yes, and Yes you can…Christmas is a matter of your heart and your focus on the special day that our Lord and Savior was sent into this sinful world to one day bear all our sins. There is no reflection on this season as the time to soak up what truly took place so so many years ago, and that we get to baste in his favor and grace one more year. I get absolutely giddy with excitement when Christmas time rolls around; not just to buy gifts but to know that Jesus is the ultimate gift. Don’t miss an amazing opportunity to talk with your family about the real reason of Christmas, His Joy is far greater than anything money could ever purchase and his salvation will take you farther than anything you could ever imagine.

I wish you all a very very Merry Christmas!!!

May the joy of the Lord bring you strength, hope, happiness 🙂

A few great family movies to enjoy this year are:

The Nativity- The book is an awesome read on Christmas morning too

Christmas Angel

A Fruitcake Christmas –Max Lucado/ Hermie and Friends (for your little ones)

Christian Book Distributors has many many more titles to choose from. Christian Book Distributors




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