A New Year, A New Chance to make a change.

Christmas is over and hopefully we have all recovered nicely 🙂

I bet your thinking of all the New Years resolutions you have made and broken over the years, well… I have more than I care to admit, so a few years ago I stopped making them. I decided that a new chance to make a change in small steps was more feasible for me than setting large unmanageable goals that would somehow get lost in the hustle and bustle and stress of everyday life. Realizing that saying “I am loosing weight or xx- amount of pounds” is not a goal it’s something to frankly pacify myself; I started saying things like ” I will cook healthier, I will eat out less, I will budget wiser, and make one night a week for family night to play games, have finger foods etc…”

Small steps to making big progress is key, you just have to have a plan and stick to it, and when days are hectic have a plan B already in place to make less stress. This is the first day of three more titles to help you start your new year off right. Every family is different and knows what works and does not work for them, however I encourage you to be open minded about trying to adapt new concepts, remember if what you have always been doing does not seem to be working then it’s time for a change. I myself even switch things up from time to time if I feel something is no longer working; families change and so should your schedules and routines, at least take the opportunity to give yours a revamping for the upcoming new year!

First Steps in your new Change:

  • Wake up every day with a positive attitude and be thankful
  • Choose Happiness cause it is a choice everyday
  • Take a moment of your time first things, to pray, read, journal etc..
** I have an amazing sister friend who got me a prayer journal for my birthday one year and it was my starting point to get back to writing my prayers**
  • Take the time to enjoy yourself a cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa etc.. remember take care of you so you can care for others.

We as moms seem to have a guilt come over us for taking “me time or mom time” I know cause I did for years; until one day my husband said ” if you take time for you, your much happier to take time for others”. I would do for so many, but, not always with a grateful heart, because frankly I was exhausted and stressed! Everyday tell yourself I do this to be the best me I can be today, fuel yourself with (coffee no doubt) lol, but with Gods word and your plan to make it the best day you can.

Next Titles:

  • Budget- Make Room for more Savings
  • Quick Meal Recipes and Freezer Meals
  • Organizing for every room in your home

Here’s to New Changes for the New Year!






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