Budget-Make room for more savings

As you know New Year means time to look over those budget plans for 2016. Make a plan and stick to it, sounds easy right?, well… It is usually easy to put on paper and much harder to actually stick to it. However; putting it on paper, in a notebook or planner with categories will help keep you on track. Now, you can go plain jane, or all frilly nilly on me but really which ever way works for you then I say go for it! Personally I love to have a planner that I can travel with easily as well as a note book to keep track of all extra notes etc… I also print off all user names and passwords to have on hand (now before you gasp to much, I keep them in a secure location, this is really for the purpose of my husband in case something happened he could still function without me at that moment). here’s the link to my planner and print off for user names and passwords printable or colorful printable . Now that you have your basics ready, you will need to categorize your bills out into sections of household, auto, debt, child care, savings, etc… you will know what categories you need for what your household has. I will say that I love to use a couple of sites online however; I still always have my planner filled in to visually look at when I am not in front of a computer. those sites are mvelopes and everydollar. There are several others that are great as well, these are just two I can personally talk about and say I have tried, both work very well I just enjoyed mvelopes a little more, so that is the one I use.

Alright, lets talk about budget a little on a deeper scale, this is where it hits your pocketbook a little. Start by looking over every area and ask yourself this… can I cut it out totally? or can I cut back on it? every savings adds up more and more. When you look at savings the first place we tend to look is groceries, it is the most flexible area in most budgets right? This time take a look at it but don’t focus to much in that area right now,we will focus on meals in the next post that will be preparing you not only for your budget goals but also your organizing days as well. look over every other area such as:

  1. entertainment
  2. going out to eat
  3. subscriptions
  4. television packages
  5. cell phone data plans etc…
  6. Insurance plans- auto, home, health.

* you will be very surprised at how much you can save each year by price comparison on insurance especially auto and home. Bundling can save a lot more than you realize.  The reason several people don’t change is they feel loyal to one company that has been used by the family for years and honestly those companies are use to people price checking and as long as you have good reputable insurance that will cover you when you need them, that is what matters most. So… Pocket that savings toward those emergency funds, college funds, or vacation!

Shall we talk T.V. Now? lol, I promise you no matter what cable network or satellite company you have, can I tell you something? your paying way to much! yes, I know that’s harsh words however; depending on the area you live in depends on what is available to you and usually they are monopolized by one company or the other and Satellite companies sell you contracts that sound good till you get those bills with all the extras added, that they so gracefully forget to tell you about and apologize for any inconvenience that the CSR may have mislead you into thinking. hahaha, can you tell that’s not my first rodeo with this area?! seriously though, with all that is available thru Netflix, google, amazon, Redbox, etc… you can save so much more money.

Continue down your list of categories in this same manner with open minds and ask realistic questions relating to your family and you will be surprised at how much extra money you can find!

Happy Savings,




2 thoughts on “Budget-Make room for more savings

  1. We would love to ditch our cable company, but my husband’s loves watching football on network TV and our lousy cable company blocked the signals so we can’t use an antenna! Ugh!!!!

    1. I totally understand. Maybe after football season you could compromise to cut the package down until football season starts up again. A little savings is still better than none. 😉 Sadly, a lot of companies do exactly what you explained.

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