To teach or not to teach?

    Homeschooling in high school can come with challenges at times, to some it may be easy. I thought when I graduated one child the other would be a breeze; little did I know his free spirited, entrepreneur would rise up even more. ( as mom I should have seen this coming) he has always been the one child who wants to conquer the world, do everything, and have many job titles all while loving every minute of it. In one sense he could be the next warren buffet, or bill gates, which would make us very proud as well. It brings me to the question to teach or not to teach? What do I mean? well, have you ever been teaching something that you know without a doubt your child will never ever use in life and above that it’s like pulling teeth to get them to even crack the book or open the website to read or do the lessons. In years past, I would give the great lecture of ” one day you may need this”, knowing good and well if it wasn’t a field they were interested in remotely they would never ever use it.

       What am I specifically talking about? Shakespeare! now, I know there are many Classical homeschoolers out there and they love what they do, I am not against it in any way what so ever, I have many time wished my children loved classical literature but… I know my son really dislikes Shakespeare, at first I was making him read each Act and answer questions, recently I decided to taper it off so that he can focus his efforts on things he is interested in or would like to work harder on such as Math and Science. He was even able to do some extra labs with science by not having to spend hours reading and answering questions for the different Acts of the play. He loves to read and I do not want him to stop because he is reading something he is not interested in. (does that make sense) ? 🙂 I believe in setting rules, structure and boundaries for learning and no child should ever dictate what they will and will not learn or do, I am talking about older students who can communicate the pros and cons of a particular subject to you, not little Johnny who doesn’t want to learn his abc’s or to write his name. rofl!

      We all want a well rounded child, one who can enter a room and mingle and talk about anything to anyone, and most homeschoolers can do that at earlier ages without a problem, and believe me when I say my son has no problem in the area of conversation. LOL.  which leads me to ask the question to teach or not to teach? I am curious to know what some of the other home school moms with older children have done or are doing.

I hope your having a very blessed week 🙂




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