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Do you find grocery shopping a chore? YES!!! I think we all can say it’s not the most wonderful thing on the list to travel into town to do, however; It has to be done. Thankfully we live in a day and age where groceries and meals can be prepped and shipped to your doorstep. Every time I see the commercials for fresh meal delivered to your door, ingredients, prep, and recipes all in the box, you just have to cook and assemble all under 30 minutes, I say “Oh how nice that would be to just open and assemble according to directions. Who doesn’t want to try that right?! Thankfully my oldest son was listening the last time I said that and surprised me with a delivery from Hello Fresh. I have to say I was overjoyed and excited to dig into that box to see what they sent me; and believe me I could get use to that kind of service on a regular basis.

Now, I know your saying it’s expensive etc… so here is the research on all three major brands of home delivery meals. I can only attest to the taste of one brand, however; my shipment of plated will be here next Wednesday and I can weigh in on the taste afterwards.

Hello Fresh

Classic Box
Picture courtesy of hellofresh.com


They have 3 box choices and provide free shipping on each.

Classic Box

3 meals for 2 people = $69.00

4 meals for 2 people = $ 84.90

5 meals for 2 people = $99.00

3 meals for 2 people = $ 59.00   * These are the only two purchase options for Vegetarians
3 meals for 4 people = $ 109.00 
Family Box
3 meals for 4 people = $ 105.00
The packaging with Hello Fresh is wonderful, I will say each meal was packaged just as you would expect and the recipes were easy to follow, some of the recipes were out of our normal realm of weekday meals but each was great and fed more than two people. The pic below is what the boxed meals look like out of the shipping box, the meats come in a container like that as well, (sry i had put them in the freezer). Now on to the price comparison of the other two big brand meals.
This site is set up with a simple $12.00 per person/per meal and have 3 choices to choose from.
2 dinners for 2 ppl   $48.00 + $6.00 Shipping per week
3 dinners for 2 ppl   $ 72.00 free shipping per week
4 dinners for 2 ppl   $ 96.00 free shipping per week
*For a first time sign ups with Plated.com the customer special, you can get 4 meals total with free shipping for $48.00. (Very Affordable option to try out the services, you can cancel right away so further shipments are not charged, and where else can you get 4 dinners for $ 48.00, and not leave your house) 🙂
picture courtesy of blueapron.com
Free Shipping Always
3 meals for 2 ppl $ 59.94
Family plan
2 meals for 4 ppl $ 69.92
4 meals for 4 ppl $ 139.84
Blue Apron, Uses Interactive cooking videos to go with your recipes online, and for an added bonus they offer wine pairings and delivery as well.
* With each company you can choose how often you want your deliveries, They use fresh ingredients, and local small farmers and businesses (per their sites). 
Obviously this is not for each family, but a young couple with no children or if  you work a busy schedule or even have small children that are not eating table foods yet, possibly even a husband and wife whose kids are almost grown and not home much; it can be a nice treat after a long hard day. Now, lets do the math here…
Family of 4 eating out 2x week after ball practice $ 40.00
Same family of 4 eating out after church on Sunday $ 35-40.00
* You could afford this option for fresher foods for a couple meals.
Couple with no children, who both work 40+ hours week- Eating out lunch 5 days a week and eating out min 3 days a week dinner totals $ 110.00 week minimum with a reasonable budget of $5.00 lunches and $10.00 dinners.
* You could afford the option of home delivered fresh foods, for several days and have some days with left overs for lunch.
This could also be an alternative to those who do Jenny Craig, Nutra Syst. Weight Watchers etc… any of the plans where your having to purchase specialty foods or watch portions, It really does help in the portion control area.
I am excited to get my meals from plated.com and cook them up so that I can weigh in on the taste comparison as well. I am not in any way affiliated with any of the above mentioned companies and get no compensation what so ever for you trying or recommending them to others. I see where this is a help to some families and not affordable to others, I don’t feel a full time subscription would be “affordable” for my family but it is a nice treat on occasion, and a great gift to give a new mom, or someone who is sick, shut in, or just lives far away.
Let me know if you have tried any of the following mentioned and what you thought of the service, price and taste as well as the customer service and delivery.
Happy cooking!

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