Home delivery meals Part 2

Alright, The moment I have been waiting for came! My Plated.com home delivery, can I say I was totally excited when the dogs were barking letting me know the Fed Ex guy was coming up the drive. lol… The package arrived on time just as the company stated. The packaging was not in individual boxes as I was expecting; but the food was fresh and cold.

The packaging was like coconut husk in plastic with cold packs underneath all the food, which made for keeping the food very cold. As you can see I had 4 meals sent to me, 2- Chicken Empanadas, 1- Beef Bolognese, 1- Southwestern Sweet Potato Bowls w/ avocado -yogurt dressing, all of these sounded yummy!

Now… As you can see from the pics there is only two small packages of meat, one package contained two chicken breast, and the other is ground meat. Since one of my meals is vegetarian no biggie right? well, no! they forgot to send the chicken breast for the second meal of empanadas along with the spaghetti squash to go with the beef Bolognese. Luckily, when I made the beef Bolognese I had some left over angel hair pasta and was able to substitute it in just fine. The Empanadas I stretched the chicken as far as I could thru what pastry dough I had. All in all it was a success!

Now for Taste verdict. Each recipe was very good, we had one that stole the show and it was the one I cooked last considering it was all vegetarian for my meat loving bunch. the winner in best taste was Southwestern Sweet Potato Bowls! and runner up was the Beef Bolognese. Don’t get me wrong the Empanadas were good but they just could have used a little something extra.

If I could nit pick one item in the whole box it would be the red wine for the Beef Bolognese; It tasted like a few drops of red wine, filled with salt water. The old saying “If you wouldn’t drink it don’t cook with it” most certainly applied in this recipe! however; it was not missed.

I will share the taste test winner recipe with you and please make it, it will become a quick and easy weekday meal for your family.

Hope you enjoyed, and happy cooking!



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