When to know your finished homeschooling

I totally know this is a touchy subject and will have some home school moms cringing, or mad. however; when do you know your finished homeschooling? that question never crossed my mind until September of 2016 when our whole family dynamic got turned upside down. Many things can cause a shift in your life and for ours it was having my mother in first stages of Alzheimer’s; when she moved in, my sister with Downs Syndrome moved in as well and we went from a family of 4 with one son in college and the other two years away from graduation ,to a family of 6 over night.

As the coming days brought more and more change from the arrival of two people who needed my full time attention to moving rooms around and accommodating another house full of items; I quickly realized with each day, school kept getting pushed farther and farther back in the time schedule. I knew in my heart as I flopped into bed each night feeling overwhelmed, guilty, more tired than I have felt in a long time that a change needed to happen and that change was going from homeschooling my baby boy (yes, he’s 16, but always my baby) to sending him to public or private school. I prayed on it, and God is so good! my son came and said, Mom, I need to talk to you about something and you guessed it! He was ready to go to public school, he knew my plate was full and even though he was a big help in this transition, he knew as much as I did, the school year needed to be more consistent and goal oriented. You know how I felt? mad, upset, relieved, sick, and like I had made it to the finish line and quit! A few days of crying and the relieved feeling started overtaking all the others, thru much needed prayer I was reassured that he was going to be alright.

I said all of that to let each parent know, your never alone in any of your school choices for your children. God will always be there to guide us and keep us. We make the best choices for each circumstance that arises. I took a step back to think of how many parents would love to be able to home school their children, but,  due to circumstances they are not able to. I pray that the training I have given my child is reflected daily and the lessons and life experiences I have learned will be able to help someone along the way. So just know if and when the time comes where you have to take another avenue of education everything will be just fine, hold on cause it’s a wave of emotions, but you will survive! LOL

Be blessed,


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