Hello and Welcome!

My name is Misty, I am best known as a wife to my wonderful husband David and Mom/Teacher to my two teenage sons Zachary and John. I have been a homeschooling mother for over 10 years now, I love DIY, design, organizing, camping, and spending time with my family and 6 pets! We have a zoo around my house most of the time that includes: 5 dogs and 1 cat, in ranking order of Age not size is Squint the cat-16 yrs old and still kicking!, Lucy (fiest) 10 this Christmas eve, Ginger (Doxle) 7 in October, Baby (German Shepherd/Husky) appx 5 she was a rescue and we took her when a friend couldn’t keep her due to a move.  Atlas (Great Dane) 9month old today! Roxie (Boxer) 9 months old. I love animals as you can tell, growing up I didn’t get to have animals much and especially not in the house! my husband tells me I have made up for it in my Adulthood.

I have been blessed with the gift of gab! so blogging is something that I have wanted to do for some time now and being fairly new at it but learning the ropes. I want to encourage people to live life for a purpose, to love one another and have a heart for Christ! Do what you love and love what you do 🙂

Keep Following and Blessings,



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